RCS New State Of The Art MDM System!

This will allow us to centrally manage everything from one interface and be able to do in depth troubleshooting on workstations, Server, and firewalls all form the cloud interface. It has live Client performance monitoring tools that allows us to see, and track Processor utilization, Memory Usage, Swap, Bandwidth, and disk.  It also shows the event logs, and has live tools to do remote fixes behind the scenes. Some of the features include:

  • Process List ( will allow you to view/kill processes without having to be in the computer itself)
  • Command line interface to run network troubleshooting behind the scenes without interfering with their work.
  • Network Stats (TCP Connections, Routing Table, TCP stats)
  • Screenshot
  • Remote desktop ( just click on the button and it will connect you right into the machine)
  • Power control
  • Send notification

This also will allow us the ability to control and monitor mobile devices, push apps, software, and custom user profiles.

Systems Manager lets you configure, monitor, and support devices in your organization. 100% cloud based, Systems Manager eliminates costly, complex management appliances and software.

To enroll now please contact: consulting@rcssalem.com